Our Sponsors

We are proud to be sponsored by some of the highest brand names in the industry. With all of the dangers we face while chasing tornadoes and hurricanes, we've chosen only top of the line products to ensure the safety and performance of our vehicle and its crew members.

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Longhorn Fab Shop has helped supply us withwith both tie rod sleeves and traction bars, to help finish off our suspension upgrades! The StormCruzzer will be pushed to it's limits while chasing off road, so we rely on Longhorn's upgrades to keep our suspension system in one piece. They also provide other performance upgrades, speciallizing in Duramax engines.

S&B filters has provides us with one of their top of the line Cold Air Intake systems. Their system allows colder air and more oxygen to be sucked into our engine, adding horsepower and fuel efficiency, while keeping engine temperatures down. When the truck is running 14+ hours a day while chasing, keeping engine temperatures down is a huge benefit in safety.

Cognito Motorsports has helped supply us with their 4" suspension lift system. Not only does this system allow us to run bigger tires for help off-road, but the replacement suspension parts they provide are extremely heavy duty. Along with Longhorn's upgrades, our syspension can take anything we can throw at it!

EFI Live has provided us with their Flash Scan V2 tool. With this tool, I can check engine problems, temperatures, pressures, and anything else that I may want. I can also use the tool to FlashScan the truck's computer with a pre-written program to change timing and amounts of air and fuel inserted into the engine, to either gain horsepower, or increase fuel economy. Definitely useful being able to choose between the two when chasing!

ARE provided us with their top of the line Diamond Plated Commercial Camper Shell to help store, organize, and protect all of our gear. With our new camper shell, we're able to organize the truck bed to make aid and rescue as fast and efficient as possible, with peace of mind in knowing that all of our gear is locked in and protected. 

Adrenaline Truck Performance has helped provide us with custom flash scan tunes to go with our EFI Live Flash Scan tool. They provided us with a fuel economy program, as well as a horsepower program. The horsepower tune will be extremely useful while in chase mode if we have to escape a dangerous situation quickly, and the fuel economy tune will help us save money while driving cross country, from Virginia, to the Midwest.

Iron Cross Automotive has provided us with solid steel front and rear bumpers as well as two pairs of side steps (welded together for the 6 door stretch). We've been both rear ended and have driven through multiple downed trees to get to and away from storms with no dents or any other problems. They're a huge part in helping ensure our safety.

We've coated the entire body of the StormCruzzer with Rhinolinings Extreme to help protect from hail and other debris. We've been through softball sized hail, driven through downed trees, and been hit with other debris, and don't have a single dent or permanent scratch on the truck! The coating of liner is even bullet resistant.

Kleinn Air Horns has helped sponsor us with one of their air compressors and air tanks. Having an onboard air compressor is extremely helpful both for airing up and down the tires, and for using pneumatic tools when on the go. 

Mega X 2 helped sponsor us with a huge discount on the 6 door conversion of the StormCruzzer.  With a full extra row of seats, we're able to chase with a larger crew and clientele all while retaining incredible handling, reliability, and capability. Steve at Mega X 2 has been in instrumental help in the development of the StormCruzzer.

Vector27 Financial Group has been a sponsor since the very beginning. They've helped sponsor in many different areas with a focus on student outreach. They also help sponsor us with a booth at the Poquoson Seafood Festival every October.

TruckVault sponsored us with their heavy duty, all weather truck bed drawers. Their drawers run the full length of the bed, and easily pull fully out, even when the truck is on a slant. We're also able to store the rest of our gear on top of the drawers without worry, due to their 2,000lb top load capacity.