Safety and Reliability

"If it ain't broke, don't break it" - one of my very least favorite sayings. If everyone thought that way, progress would never be made. Just because everyone is going about something the same way, it doesn't mean that there isn't a better way. Most tour companies use big, uncomfortable 12 passenger vans, where tour guests have to scrunch together and squeeze in and out of one door. We've put over four years of time and effort into designing and building our StormCruzzer chase vehicle so we can maximize safety, reliability, and comfort. We limit each tour to four clients only, so that we can ensure that each guest has ample room for themselves and their travel equipment. We've also built the StormCruzzer to be extremely reliable and safe in all kinds of weather situations. The entire body is sprayed in a coating of Rhino Linings Extreme Bed Liner, and we've added solid steel front and rear bumpers, to protect against large hail and other debris. Our roof rack is outfitted as a hail guard to protect the front windshield from hail. More detailed info about the StormCruzzer can be found HERE.

Chase Style

"There's always another storm," - wise words from my former professor and storm chase leader at Virginia Tech. Words that I take to heart after seeing just how dangerous mother nature could be. We're just as passionate about storms as the most ambitious chasers out there, but no storm is ever worth risking a life for. With our combination of chase experience and meteorological knowledge, our chase style is aggressive when possible, but most of all, safe. No unnecessary risks for footage, no "I was closest to the tornado," for bragging rights. When the conditions are right we can get within a few hundred yards from a tornado, but we always make sure we have a clear escape plan if necessary. 


There are two ways to learn in life: you can study in the classroom, and you can learn from real life field experience.

We at StormCruzzer LLC are one of the very few chase groups who have done both. Every tour leader has a minimum of a Bachelors of Science in Meteorology, as well as past experience in leading storm chases. With our storm chasing tours, we've found a way to both live out our passion, and share the awe inspiring experience with others. Our mission is to not only guide you to the most beautiful storms on the planet, but to also help educate and teach you on our forecasting process and safety etiquette so that you come out with a better understanding on the subject. 

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